Although only founded in 2018, RS Freight Solutions has its roots well-grounded within the transport industry, both local and cross border. Branching from its mentor company, I-S Freight Services, the dynamic team carries experience and clock hours, worth well over 20 years.

Our in-depth and first-hand experience in cross border transport and its accompanying finer detail namely Cross Border Regulations (Customs, Policing, Agriculture and Veterinary), Fleet Management (24 Hour assistance) Freight Management & Control (Tracking, Tracing & Billing) to distribution and logistics, we master it all.

With time spent in the field comes relationships built.

Strong networks of stakeholders and strategic partners within the industry, making service delivery of any transport type and need an easy possibility. From anywhere in South Africa to anywhere in Namibia, RS Freight Solutions is a simple connection to make your transport requirements a hassle-free reality.

A reputation founded on sound Christian love, driven to support and fulfil our Social Responsibilities to be a blessing unto others where and when we can. Setting industry trends and benchmarks to adapt to the ever-changing markets is our forte, we aim to stay focussed on the client and their needs, keeping our rates steady yet competitive.


RS Freight Solutions prides itself on that we can provide and deliver on any transport need, dedicated to service delivery, our friendly, dynamic and professional team is sure to please.