Now you can receive your orders from takealot.com, through RS Freight. Simply follow the steps below...


Create your Wish List on takealot.com

  • Create a Wish List on your Takealot account via takealot.com Website/App.
  • The name of the Wish List should be your name & cellphone number.
  • Share your Wish List to takealot@rsf.com.na

Once we receive your Wishlist Confirmation via email @ RS Freight Solutions

  • You will receive an invoice with your Wish List items, Import VAT & Clearing amount which is payable in advance.
  • Import VAT & Clearing Fee = 24% of order value.
  • Once we receive this proof of payment, your order will be placed with Takealot. This payment must be made the same day as the order is received to avoid stock alterations.
  • You will receive an order confirmation email from us.
  • Once we receive your order from Takealot, we will send you a freight invoice, payable before the goods are shipped.
  • Freight cost N$350 for the 1st kg and N$20 per kg thereafter to Windhoek. This rate applies for consolidated orders of 3 minimum for dispatch.
  • Express Delivery of your order is available. Freight Cost N$1200 for the 1st 20kgs and N$28 per kg thereafter to Windhoek. Transit is 2 working days from RSA for this option.
  • Distribution around Namibia POR.
  • We collect Takealot Orders every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from the collection point.
  • ETA depending on Customs Clearance:
    • Monday & Wednesday Morning Collections = Friday/Monday arrival in Windhoek.
    • 2-7 days later delivery for the rest of Namibia. POR.
    • Wednesday Afternoon & Friday Collections = Monday/Tuesday arrival in Windhoek.
      2-7 days later delivery for the rest of Namibia. POR.
  • Insurance additional N$110 per order for cover of up to N$1500. Insurance is NOT automatically provided.


  • You will remain liable for all costs for return shipments to takealot.com.
  • All Customs & Excise Import/Export Regulations & Restrictions apply for both Namibian Customs & Excise as well as SARS.
  • Before ordering any electronics, please visit CRAN’s website to confirm if Type Approval is needed or if it is exempted.
  • Takealot Return Policies apply for any goods eligible for return. Customs Regulations also apply hereto.
  • RS Freight Solutions, RS Online Shopping & takealot.com Terms & Conditions Apply.

Banking Details

  • PayToday or EFT to Banking Details:
    RS Online Shopping | Nedbank NAMIBIA | Br: 461617 | Current Acc: 11990697452 | Ref: Takealot
    Order Number & Name